January 16, 2018

Flume Net Worth

Flume Net Worth: Harley Edward Streten, better known by his stage name Flume, is an Australian record producer and musician. His self-titled debut studio album, Flume, was released on 9 November 2012 to critical acclaim, peaking at number one on the ARIA Albums Chart and reaching double-platinum accreditation in Australia.

Flume has remixed songs by artists such as Lorde, Sam Smith, Arcade Fire and Disclosure. His second studio album, Skin, was released on 27 May 2016, to positive reviews and also topped the ARIA Albums Chart.

Early life
Harley Edward Streten was born on 5 November 1991,[2] to filmmaker and record producer Glen Streten and his wife Lyndall, a teacher.[3][4] He grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, together with a younger sister and attended St. Augustine College.[5][6] He began creating music at about the age of thirteen, with a basic production disc that was packaged in a box of cereal.[7] In 2012, his debut album was done on his first laptop that he had ever purchased. He finished the album on this laptop while he was on a low-budget trip to London. Once he got back to Australia the album was on the top of the charts.[8] In 2010, Streten began producing house music under his initials, HEDS.[9] He created two tracks “Flow” and “Fizz”, in addition to several remixes.

Flume Net Worth: $10 Million

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