December 18, 2017

How Much Money ImmortalHD Makes From YouTube

ImmortalHD Net Worth: Aleksandr “ImmortalHD” Marchant was a Creature. He is a major part of the Machinima Happy Hour show Sanity Not Included with Dexter, replacing long-time friend of the Creatures, Lyle. He is the second most subscribed Creature with 1,000,000 subscribers, behind only Nova.

Aleks lived in Russia until about the age of eight, then he moved to the United States. He said on Creature Talk that he was adopted. His first language is actually Russian but he told his viewers during a live stream that he actually lost his accent after living in the States for so long, but he never lost his love for vodka. He then went to college taking graphic design, where he discovered, much like Sly, it just wasn’t “his thingy” and so he dropped out. By then, he already had a pretty successful channel going. Immortal began making YouTube videos when Minecraft Machinimas got popular, and he thought that he could do it too. Other videos branched off from there.

A few years ago, Immortal was hacked. The hacker deleted most of his videos, which led to Immortal deleting them all and “starting over”. To help support Immortal, Sly made a video asking his subscribers (his Homies) to check out Immortal’s channel. Immortal has been featured in several series with Sly such as Sly Breaks Friends, Wifey Craft with Rachel and Mitty, The Last Update, and The Survival Games with Seamus. His current channel is called ImmortalHDFilms.

ImmortalHD Net Worth: $400 000

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