January 16, 2018

How Much Money Mr Sark Makes From YouTube

Mr Sark Net Worth: Mr. Sark or simply, Sark (born Scott Matthew Robison) is a gameplay commentator, comedian, journalist, TV Host and Veteran from California. He started his professional career working on the popular gaming review show X-Play which ran on the G4TV network. After quitting his job at X-Play, Sark began working as host and Managing Producer on Machinima’s new channel, Machinima Respawn. He was later joined by co-hosts, Hutch (“Shaun Hutchinson”) and SeaNanners (“Adam Montoya”)

Sark is believed to have been born in 1976 into a Mormon family. Sark was raised Christian from an early age, noting that he partook in a ‘Mormon Mission’ during his youth and that one year he received a bible from his parents for Christmas. Sark described himself as being a ‘nerd’ in high school, saying that he ‘wet the bed well into his late teens’. An avid reader to this day, Sark has long been a voracious fan of fantasy literature, mentioning how he once read J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’ twelve times in fifth grade. Perhaps conversely, his interests growing up also included partying and rave subculture.

Sark first appeared as the host of Respawn on 18 December 2009, originally styled as the ‘Premier online destination for gameplay videos’. Originally intended as the sole host, shouting-out other gamers on the channel, the model was altered slightly when Sark was joined by fellow co-hosts, Hutch and later, SeaNanners at the beginning of 2010. During his time at Machinima, Hutch and SeaNanners came to regard Sark as their de facto ‘mentor’, Hutch later recalling in a vlog that Sark acted like an ‘older brother’ to him. As a result, Sark came to be affectionately nicknamed ‘Papa Sark’ among the Machinima staff. Despite holding a relatively senior position (Managing Producer) and being considered Hutch and SeaNanners’ ‘boss’, Sark was known to joke around and take part in hijinks around the office, creating a fun atmosphere that became a staple of Respawn videos.

Mr Sark Net Worth: $430 000

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