January 16, 2018

How Much Money Sp00nerism Makes From YouTube

Sp00nerism Net Worth: Nick “Sp00n” was a Creature, mainly known for his childish personality.

Not much is known about Sp00n, aside from the fact that his first name is Nick, and that he is 26 years old but “still acts like he’s 12”. Originally, Sp00n was not going to be a part of the Creature House. When questioned why he didn’t want to move, he responded seriously saying he doesn’t like the idea of moving at the time being. It was mentioned in a stream that Kootra told Sp00n that he would fly him out there, but he never did. Sp00n said he was waiting for someone to fly him out.

During one week in April 2012, Sp00n visited the Creature House; the activities him and the rest of the Creatures did being unknown (though Seamus did some videos with him commentating with him). When questioned if he was going to visit again, he said maybe, but when questioned if he was going to move he responded “only when my nipple lactates.”

Sp00n is currently in a relationship with YouTube commentator Vdubali. Sp00n and Ali moved together in an apartment in Colorado in early January 2013, confirming that Sp00n would visit/work at the Creature House.

Sp00nerism Net Worth: $230 000

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